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Acting as ambassadors of A.S.Neill’s philosophy and Summerhill School’s 100 years of practice in educating the whole child, we are facilitating and supporting practice within education, childrearing and society that prioritises a happy, healthy and fulfilled childhood.

“All crimes, all hatreds, all wars can be reduced to unhappiness” wrote A. S. Neill, founder of Summerhill School.

Core Services

These are some of our core skills and services we offer to educational trainees, practitioners and start up educational providers

A.S.Neill Summerhill School 

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As we move towards the fourth anniversary of the A.S. Neill Summerhill […]
Nearly one-third of UK secondary students skip school due to anxiety, with the traditional educational model blamed for not addressing their emotional needs. A.S. Neill's Summerhill School promotes autonomy and well-being, challenging systemic issues within education and advocating for a nurturing environment that respects individuality to combat anxiety.

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