April 2025 Course Timetable



One Off Payment Option

2 Instalment Payment Option

3 Instalment Payment Option


The fee for this course is £475. 

Paying in instalments is available. For more details please refer to the payment options below.

Concessionary rates are available upon application. If you would like to apply please click here.

Payment Options:

We offer the following 3 payment options for this course:

In order to purchase the Services of the Online CPD Course you must visit our website or email us with your request to purchase our Services and submit your Purchase Request Form and purchase a ticket to the Online CPD Course through one of the following payment options: 

  • One-off Payment: Pay the course fees in one go by the end of 6th of September 2024.
  • 3-Instalments Plan: Pay the course fees in 3 instalments as follows: 1st instalment by the end of 23rd of August 2024; the 2nd instalment by the end of 6th of September 2024; and the 3rd instalment by the end of 4th of October 2024.
  • 2-Instalments Plan: Pay the course fees in 2 instalments as follows: 1st instalment by the end of 6th of September 2024; and 2nd instalment by the end of 4th October 2024.

3.2. If you choose to pay the fees through either of the two instalments plans available for the Online CPD Course, we will reserve you a place in the Online CPD Course after we receive the payment of your first instalment. You must pay the last instalment of the payment plan you have chosen up to and including the 4th of October 2024. If we do not receive the last instalment of the payment plan you have chosen by midnight on the 4th of October 2024, your order will be considered cancelled by you and therefore, we will cease to provide you with any Services and process your cancellation in accordance with clause 4.4. Terms & Conditions.


At checkout you will be able to choose to pay in either of the following ways:

  1. bank transfer to our Wise bank account. You will be able to do this through your mobile banking, online banking or branch banking;
  2. debit or credit card online payments enabled by PayPal;


3.directly through a PayPal account.


To register your interest or to enquire about any special arrangements you may like to discuss

Feel free to Request further information  please get in touch.

Course Schedule

The course will be spread over 10 weekends and 9 weeks. It will start in September 2024 and end in November. Click below to download the detailed course timetable:


If you are unable to join our Role of the Adult Online CPD Course this time around due to a busy schedule or unsuitable timezone then please let us know of your preferred time frames by filling in the form below. We will notify you when a course that meets your preferences becomes available.

Register your interest for future dates.Enquire about booking this course for a private group, incorporating translation options or making any other special arrangements, please get in touch.

To successfully participate in and complete this online course, please ensure you meet the following criteria:

1. Technology Requirements:

– Access to a computer with a stable internet connection (Avoid using tablets or mobile phones for live sessions).

– Functional camera and microphone connected to your computer.

2. Attendance Commitment:

– Attend all 12 live sessions to be eligible for a certificate of attendance.

– If you miss up to 4 live sessions due to important reasons:

– Watch the session recordings.

– Complete relevant exercises (normally optional) to maintain eligibility for a certificate.

3. Basic Skills with Miro:

– Familiarize yourself with Miro, our main workspace, through provided tutorials and activities.

– Basic Miro skills will enhance your course experience.

4. Browser Compatibility:

– Update your browser to the latest version.

– Minimum browser versions:

– Chrome 70 or higher

– Firefox 70 or higher

– Edge 44 or higher (preferably 79 or higher)

– Safari 12 or higher

– Opera 70 or higher

– Yandex Browser 19.10 or higher

– Internet Explorer not supported.

5. Quiet Environment:

– Ensure access to a quiet place during live sessions.

6. Independent Learning Engagement:

– Engage in independent learning activities for a minimum of 4 hours per week.

7. Internet Etiquette and Equipment:

– Adhere to internet etiquette.

– Use headphones whenever possible.

8. Personal Details Form:

– Complete and submit the Personal Details Form upon payment, providing basic information about your professional background.

9. Terms and Conditions Agreement:

– Agree to and comply with the Online CPD Course Terms and Conditions during the checkout process. Ensure you understand and accept them before proceeding with your purchase.