Community Work

Communities whether of place, interest, practice, action or other are of paramount importance for the well-being of individuals. This is because they are characterised by intimacy within relationships and interdependence.

In essence, individuals directly experience and identify the impact of others’ actions upon them and vice versa.

At A.S.Neill Summerhill CIC we place great value on the potential of communities and therefore, we are looking to form collaborative projects, partnerships, alliances, hubs as well online and physical support channels with other community initiatives and civil society organisations.

Our aim is to strengthen the sense of unity and solidarity within and amongst communities; and ensure that children’s rights, freedom, equality, free play, individuality, well-being, self-direction, democracy and sincere, supportive relationships are being lived and felt.

If you are part of a community that is keen to connect with us, please message through the form below.

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