Supporting initiatives and civil society organisations within communities advocating for children’s rights, freedom, equality, free play, individuality, well-being, self-direction, democracy and sincere, supportive relationships.

Our Educational Consultancy Service is for individuals, teams or establishments needing support with one or more specific areas of their practice. This service is also bespoke and can be implemented in different ways depending on the needs of each individual or group, such as a short series of discussions, workshops or CPD courses.

It can also be used as a pre-startup support programme for those looking to start a school or other educational institution, community or initiative but have not yet developed their vision, secured initial finance, created a business plan or have a team that is working towards it.

If you are interested in our educational consultancy services, get in touch with us through the form below or Call us at +44 (0) 7984 144598

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