We are supporting state and independent schools and other educational institutions, communities and initiatives in two different ways, according to the maturity of each establishment: Start-up Professional Support  and Ongoing Professional Development

Start-up Professional Support

Our Start-up Professional Support programme is a bespoke, whole team programme for all involved in the early establishment and running of a school or other educational institution, community or initiative. We provide training, guidance and consultancy to help practitioners construct a stable and sustainable educational community which prioritises childrens’ rights, happiness and well-being. 

We would advise that an initial team, budget, vision for the establishment and business plan are important things to have in place before joining this programme. In most circumstances, any point between this stage and the first two years after launching would be classed as an early stage and would be a good time to get in touch with us. The actual content and timeframes of the Start-up Professional Support programme will be tailored to the needs of each educational environment.

Ongoing Professional Development

Our Ongoing Professional Development programme is a bespoke, whole team programme for mature establishments. We offer training, guidance and consultancy to staff members focused on strengthening their confidence and efficiency in educating the whole child

More specifically, our aim is to help the members of each establishment further develop their tools and know-how to: 

  • best promote children’s rights, freedom, equality, free play, individuality, well-being, self-direction, democracy and healthy relationships within their educational environment;
  • and confidently and independently reflect upon, evaluate and appropriately adjust their methods, practices, policies and structures.

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