We offer professional development courses and seminars for practitioners working with children and young adults in different educational settings (e.g. state schools, democratic schools, other progressive schools, home-schooling, un-schooling, world-schooling) as well as for social workers, education mental health practitioners and any others seeking to learn about or implement aspects of A.S.Neill’s and Summerhill School’s approach.

Our professional development courses and seminars are offered, online or in-person on a variety of topics. In a broader context, we aim to assist practitioners in:

  • Reflecting upon their own personal development and self-awareness;
  • Enhancing their access to and personal involvement in reflective and impactful observation and research focusing on healthy relationships, social and emotional well-being and a happy and fulfilled childhood;
  • Redefining their methods of monitoring individuals’ holistic development;
  • Relieving pressures of education, childrearing and society impacting upon children’s health and well-being;
  • Establishing mutually respectful and trusting relationships and prioritising children’s rights, freedom, equality, free play, individuality, well-being, self-direction, democracy and community;
  • Facilitating meaningful and more individualised experiences for children;
  • Enhancing their confidence and the sense of unity through networking collaborative opportunities and signposting to other individuals, credible resources, organisations, digital and physical social spaces and platforms.

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